The "Lobby Expo" is the first of its kind at Boulevard

10 January 2020

In line with its social responsibility and under the slogan "We Care", the Commercial Real Estate Company organized an exhibition to support small and medium enterprises entitled "Lobby Expo" in Boulevard Ballroom. This exhibition is the first of its kind, as it included more than 75 participants from various activities, including clothes, accessories, food, children's toys, and others.

This exhibition came from the commercial real estate company’s belief in supporting young people and providing an integrated platform as a starting point to reach their goal. "Lobby Expo" exhibition, which lasted for two days, was also to provide a family entertainment event that serves all family members, including points of sale, restaurants and cafes, children’s games, entertainment and music programs, car shows, and an exhibition of art paintings by students of the Institute of Plastic Arts.

Many distinguished projects from the real estate investors of the Commercial Real Estate Company and others who are not investors and some home projects that took the opportunity to present their products to the public participated in the exhibition.