shareholders rights

Shareholders Rights

Any shareholder, regardless of his ownership, shall be entitled to:

shareholders services
  • Obtain profits according to the results of the company and the recommendations submitted by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly in the form of cash dividends or bonus shares.
  • Participate in the election of the members of the Board and their dismissal in accordance with the regulating laws.
  • Participate in the collective management of the company by running for membership in the BOD, attending the general assemblies, participating in its deliberations and voting on its decisions in accordance with the provisions of the law, the memorandum of association and their statutes.
  • Receive the financial statements for the accounting period, the report of the Board and the report of the auditor (annual report) at least seven days prior to the AGM.
  • Monitor the performance of the company in general, and the work of the BOD in particular, and questioning the members of the board or the executive management and to submit cases of liability alone on behalf of the company in case the company does not raise them, in the event of failure to perform the tasks entrusted to them. The shareholder may file his personal claim for compensation if the fault inflicted personal damage.
  • Dispose of the shares owned by him and transferring them according to law, and hold priority in the subscription of new shares, bonds and warrants in accordance with the provisions of the law and the company's contract.
  • Participate in auctioning liquid and solid assets of the company upon liquidation after fulfilling its debts.
  • Obtain information and data about the company's activity and its operational and investment strategy in a regular and easy manner without prejudice to the interests of Al-Tijaria in accordance with laws and regulations.
  • Hold privilege of priority in subscription for new shares by the proportion of the shares owned by each of them within fifteen days from the date of notification. The shareholder may also assign this right to another shareholder/s in exchange for, or without, payment. Such waiver must be written and documented; otherwise it is considered null and void.
  • Hold the right of priority in the subscription of bonds or warrants if they wish to do so within a period not exceeding fifteen days from the date of their call to use this right.
  • May request the replacement of the auditor during the financial year in collaboration with shareholders representing 25% of the company’s capital.
  • May request the Ministry to appoint an auditor to conduct an inspection of the company in relation to the director, members of the Board, the Comptroller or the CEO of the Company for irregularities in the performance of their duties in collaboration with shareholders holding 5% of the company's capital.

Al Tijaria would like to declare no Zakat due, on the shareholders of the company for the year 2019 (in case buying the shares with the intention to retain it not to speculate)

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