Beach Cleaning Campaign At Dine Zone Complex

04 February 2017

In compliance with its Corporate Social Responsibility Program and as part of fulfilling corporate governance principles for companies, The Commercial Real Estate Company “Al-Tijaria” had organized a beach cleaning campaign in cooperation with LOYAC at Dine Zone Complex in Fintas area on Saturday 4th of Feb, 2017.

The campaign received a great response by having over 30 volunteers from different ages prepared with their necessary cleaning tools, hygiene gloves and trash bags. All volunteers were able to successfully clean the beach and disposed over 20 big trash bags.

Mrs. Rawan Adnan – Marketing & Leasing Manager in The Commercial Real Estate Company has stated that the company organizes such campaigns that help in maintaining a clean environment every year in order to help visitors enjoy healthy and safe environment.

She further complimented the fast and immediate response of LOYAC management and volunteers to cooperate with The Commercial Real Estate Company in this CSR initiative.

She also added that: “Al-Tijaria is constantly enhancing its positive role “We Care” in corporate social responsibility and is committed to preserve for a healthier well-being and a cleaner environment expressing her gratitude to all the volunteers for their participation and cooperation in saving the nature in Kuwait and advise the public to keep the beaches clean and dispose the trash in the allocated places.